Dokumentation des Hauptaltares


Ziel der Arbeiten war die Untersuchung und Dokumentation vom Zustand und der Schäden an den polychromen Figuren und Verzierungen des Hauptaltares im Kloster Bronnbach.


Hier war die Höhe mit 16 Metern deutlich geringer als bei anderen Projekten, die Möglichkeit des PHOTOLIFTER eine Kamera unmittelbar unter die Decke zu bringen stand hier im Vordergrund.

Der ruhige Schwebezustand des PHOTOLIFTER ermöglichte es dabei, den Figuren sehr nahe zu kommen und gefährliche Luftbewegungen - und somit auch das Aufwirbeln von Stäuben - sicher

zu vermeiden.


Einen ausführlichen Text zu diesem Projekt - in englisch - finden Sie hier im Anschluss.



Monastery BRONNBACH Main Altar


Last August we had the chance to photograph the main altar of the Bronnbach Monastery in Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. Here I capture the operating procedure, the necessity to apply a special technical construction and the realization with our adaptive aerial system PHOTOLIFTER. Please

enjoy the unusual look on beautiful historical artwork from 1712.


Target of this project was the disturbance-free, fast as cost-efficient monitoring and documentation

of the actual status, detecting unknown damages and hidden details, which are not visible from ground.

The 15 meters hight of the Bronnbach alter were just a third of the altitude the PHOTOLIFTER

had been operated before - but not less demanding.

The Bronnbach altar´s close proximity to the ceiling draw a special technical demand.

It required the highest possible camera position that only expensive and disturbing scaffolding could have enabled - there is just a hand between top of the alter top

end and the arched ceiling.

Drones failure here in multiple ways. First of all, the authorities bann free flying objects

from sensible historic buildings due to their potential danger - proven costly several times before. Secondly, due to the need of free air movement, drones have to keep a safe distance to walls, obstacles and especially the ceiling. Fatal, as their general disruption 

of unavoidable air turbulences that create a long lasting fall out of dust.

The aerial systems we develop, build and operate

on location are customized

and adaptive prototypes.

They are no free flying

blimps, helicopters, drones

or comparable loose flying obstacles. They do not have rotating parts or any other element, which cause a hazardous situation or create irritating turbulences.


Our patented LIFTERs remain connected to the ground, tread- and steering strings provide a calm and steady hovering position to work scientifically in calm accuracy.

For the photographs, taken so close to the ceiling, our cameras were attached above the balloons and leveled horizontal. As the top end of a high interior room is always full of air movement we had to upgrade the positioning system for the balloons to reach the necessary calm poise. Especially the high resolution cameras respond sensible to any motion, as the dense pixel pattern intend to deliver immediately unsharp photos.

At altars only the highest possible camera position enables to capture the actual degree of partial damage. In this case the camera had to be positioned just below the ceiling.

A working group of our customer - the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege of Baden Wuerttemberg - followed the camera view from the ground. In real time they led

us to the specific details they were looking for.


We learned a lot that exciting day - a very satisfying result.




Aktuell testen wir die präzise Entnahme von Oberflächen- und Materialproben - sowie  Fotografie mit UV-Licht.



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Für das Landesamt für Denkmalpflege BW fotografieren wir Details vom Hauptaltar des Kloster Bronnbach.



Drei spannende Tage fotografieren wir in der Basilika in Weingarten - der Lifter steigt bis auf 46 Meter...



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Juli 2018

Der Lifter 2.0 ist einsatzbereit. Mit seinem ausfahrbaren Ausleger sichern wir Staubproben zum Nachweis von Schadstoffen.



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